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Pembrokeshire Bikes Video Launch of Cervelo By SKLARA Design Pembrokeshire - Graphic Design, Website Design Narberth
The Best of Simple Faith Album CD Cover By SKLARA Design Pembrokeshire - Graphic Design, Website Design Narberth
Pembrokeshire Bike Hire By SKLARA Design Pembrokeshire - Graphic Design, Website Design Narberth
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True Passion

My journey with digital design started as a pre-teen, creating cassette covers on Microsoft Publisher trying to use techniques that made them unique to what just anybody could create with the software, and although the heart behind my design has not changed, my knowledge, skill and equipment has. Now with the powerful Adobe Creative Suite, years of experience on a vast array of creative projects for international clients and running a team of designers, I have developed a sound understanding of what works and what does not, what looks good, and what doesn’t, what is necessary, and what is not, and that getting good quality work produced and implemented on time is far more important then perfecting a piece for my own ego. What you can imagine, I can create – so lets get to work!

We’re Quite Multi-Disciplined

How We Can Help You


We create Social Media campaigns to get traffic to your website, likes on your page, and exposure to your brand.


We can help you capture your market with consistent branding, email, social and web marketing, printed media and search engine optimisation.


We create branding, all kinds of printed media, digital media and more.


We create websites and e-commerce stores. Whether you are looking to sell online, or upgrade your current solution, get in touch to see what we can do for you.


We can create video effects, edit and produce video content, and record using our broadcast quality camera equipment.


We can help you automate tasks in your business so you have got more time to work on the rest of your to-do list! We create staff websites where your team can access helpful files, book appointments and use tools your business uses day to day.